Automatic segmentation of the gross target volume in radiotherapy for lung cancer using transresSEUnet 2 5D Network Full Text

Gross Volume

In the bulk market, sales are measured and priced in net gallons, leaving wholesalers in northern states in a tough position. On the opposite side, let’s take an example of gasoline at the rack at 40 degrees. Because the gas is cooler than 60 degrees, it has contracted from its normal volume, taking up less space. When a customer purchases 1000 gallons of gas for their insulated tank, the gas will start to expand as it warms back up to its regulated temperature. In this case, even though 1000 gallons would leave the rack, more than 1000 gallons would end up in the tank because it would expand to its regular volume.

Gross Volume

This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Customer to customer is a business model whereby Gross Volume customers trade with each other using a third-party platform such as eBay or Craigslist. Merchandising is any act of promoting goods or services for retail sale, including marketing strategies, display design, and discount offers.

Gig economy projected gross volume 2018-2023

List excise taxes separately on the billing so you can exclude them. Don’t subtract operating expenses in calculating gross volume or you will calculate net volume, not gross volume.

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The result of the expansion and the limitation has been defined as the PTVeval. The name comes from a clinical trial where that volume was used for the evaluation and has stuck to the quantity for APBI. For radiotherapy targeting requires integration of data obtained from a variety of radiologic studies and procedures, including enhanced CT scans, detailed reporting of endoscopy results, and ultrasonographic findings if available. The extent of nodal disease should be evaluated by CT scan, endoscopy with ultrasonography, and PET scan. When appropriate, pathological assessment of nodal disease can be obtained by ultrasound-guided needle biopsy and/or laparoscopy.

It is a measure of the growth of the business or use of the site to sell merchandise owned by others. The Department of Labor uses the gross volume of a business to impose regulations and interpret the rules that apply to the business. The Code of Federal Regulations defines the annual gross volume of a business for application of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Few deductions apply in calculating the gross volume of a business. In this study, we calculated Dice for the entire image sequence of each patient, three-dimensionally, and the Dice Similarity Coefficient and 95% Hausdorff Distance were used to evaluate the automatic segmentation results of the test set.

Gasoline Gross vs. Net Temperature

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What does gross volume mean in construction?

Gross building volume (GRV)

The gross building volume is the total volume of all interior spaces in a building over the gross floor area. This total volume is enclosed by the outer boundary surfaces of the foundation, the exterior walls and the roof (including the dormers and skylights) (DIN 277-1 2005).

We also believe that software companies with the foresight to put thought and energy into integrating payments are very likely to be successful in the long run. Here at Finix we like to remind ourselves on a regular basis that we are a consumption-based business model. As a result, when we take on software companies that aren’t processing any payments volume, we are taking a chance on these companies and the possibility that they will process payments in the future. GMV is also known as gross merchandise volume; both phrases indicate the total monetary value of total sales.

What Is Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)?

There are always exceptions to this rule, but I firmly believe that in the long run, and with the right tools in place, gross can beat volume every time in the variable operations gross arena. In contrast to this, lower grosses more often represent poor CSI. The factory puts constant pressure on the dealerships for excellent CSI and in fact will use such carrots as electronic leads, factory money, inventory allocation and probationary actions to “incentivize” the dealer to perform. These “risky business” tactics of converting a dealership from gross to volume is like playing Russian roulette with your dealership. I know some of you have already said, “when it comes to volume and gross, we can be both.” That may be true, and being both is an excellent plan.

  • Most of the guidelines comprised systems, which are discussed in the succeeding text.
  • Recon workflow software is designed to bring accountability and organization to this chaotic part of your business.
  • Gross volume is the post palletization or post crating volume of your shipment.
  • Calculating percentages of sales volume can be helpful when identifying trends in the field.
  • Gross sales volume is used for various managerial accounting functions.
  • These techniques are based on CT-guided delineation of the target volume for treatment as well as normal tissues.

Without proper price adjustments based on temperature, the wholesaler could lose money on every gallon sold. But when you are in the business of selling fuel, this seemingly small detail can have a big impact on profit margins. Over the course of a week, the density of a gallon of gasoline can fluctuate by more than two percent and more than five percent over the course of a year. At $2 a gallon, even a one percent discrepancy in volume works out to an error of $0.02 per gallon. You can also calculate sales volume per rep. If your company sells products at several different pricing tiers, you can use sales volume to distinguish between sales volumes of different reps for different products, which is helpful to factor in when evaluating performance. Sales volume metrics are useful for keeping reps on track of their sales goals while empowering management to more easily recognize top performers.

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